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RTS Robotics provides automation system solutions according to customer needs.


Our mission is to provide the best products with the greatest service in order to help each customer to develop his business. Our goal is to establish a close relationship with the customer, understand his needs and recommend the best solution to optimize the costs.


The sectors which our automation technology is used are automotive and subcontractors, white goods, machine production, packaging, food and beverage, construction and textiles. However our know how is not limited to these sectors. We are ready to listen and to provide solutions to customers from various other sectors.



As a supplier of Factory Automation, RTS Robotics designs and produces robotic systems for a wide range of applications. Providing innovative solutions for any production application is the aim of RTS. In the development of our products we use reasonably priced standard components as much as possible and add supplements as required. The benchmark for our products is flexibility, quality and reliability. The existence of adequate ergonomic conditions for workers is also an essential part of our products.


RTS Robotics is a company that constantly follows the new requirements of a dynamic market. We carry out innovative system integration and product development activities in the fields of robotics and mechatronics.Our systems are particularly efficient due to our technical department using advanced three dimensional CAD CAM software in the design stage.

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