Our Application Samples

RTS Robotics offers customized solutions for automated welding processes. With experience in the development of customer-specific welding production systems, we offer an extensive range of applications including but not limited to arc welding MIG/MAG, spot welding and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. For additional production requirements we develop peripheral equipment and special purpose machines.

Robotic handling and palletizing is an area where we have the opportunity to serve customers in a variety of different sectors. No matter the size or complexity of the process, our experienced team analyses the task according to customer needs and sector specific requirements.

There is a large variety of machine loading robotic systems. Based on the payload and reach required, RTS Robotics can help you choose the best solution for your system. Each robotic machine loader can be fitted with proper end-of-arm-tooling that is compatible with your machine and product. They are extremely accurate and they also handle the part with care.

RTS Robotics offers solutions for material processing applications. Some examples are; the deburring operation after the welding or machining process, edge smoothing of molded material, for the purpose of dimensional sizing, high speed and precision drilling of materials with many holes of different diameters, high speed cutting of wood, plastic, composite or aluminum materials to required specifications.

For RTS Robotics flexibility is the essential parameter for the polishing process. According to the desired cycle times volumes may be low or high and the system must be able to handle different component shapes. Also polishing spec. requirements need to be fulfilled.

• 3D Product Scanning and Milling
• Vision Based Quality Control and Measuring Applications
• Painting
• Customised Machine Development Applications